Edited by Tom Loghrin, 2004

        This is the Loghrin Family tree starting at the time they came from Ireland to Canada.  The family of William Loghrin and Agnes Cooper came in 1828 and settled at Speedside in Eramosa township in the county of Wellington on Lot 25, Concession 2 which consisted of 224 acres of good, fertile farmland.
        I gathered the records from different sources and I am thankful as many of these, which my father had, could have been lost.  I am grateful to my father who left memos, photos, dates, etc. which I recently discovered;  also the conversations I recall we had in order to arrange this.  I am also grateful to do this as I checked with Rev. Geo H. Dunlop who is at present (1967) the minister at Barrie Hill and Speedside.  After his research, I received this reply, "There are no records of early family deaths or marriages, none of Dr. Barrie.  Evidently, a book or some books have been lost and a former minister noted that and left a few lines to say he couldn't find them.  Oddly though, the fifth record of births is James Loghrin, April 6, 1882. - father James Loghrin, - mother Matilda Armstrong."  Rev. Dr. Wm Barrie came to Canada in 1841.  He was the ordained minister of Eramosa, July 2, 1843 and in Bon-accord the next day, in the old log church, where he carried on both services till 1849.  He was still minister in Eramosa for some time afterwards for on Jan. 11, 1876 he married my mother and father at the old Loghrin homestead.  Bon-accord was a settlement just north of Elora where the Keiths and the Watts settled along with others.
        How disappointing I think it would have been if all these dates had have been lost.  I understand there are no Ontario records kept in Toronto before July 1, 1869.
        I believe on good authority that the family split one time in Ireland over religion; some joined the Roman Catholic church and changed the spelling of the name to "Loughrin" while the rest remained staunch Presbyterians.  In case this adventure would not turn out right for them, they had a secret place in the original log house where enough money was hidden in order to take them back to Ireland if needed.  With their background of high character, determination, and strong religious beliefs this was not necessary as they were very successful.
        To my knowledge each family is complete and arranged in order from the oldest to the youngest.
        Compliments of William Jas. Keith who is a great grandson of the original pioneers.
The Loghrin Family History
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