Notes and Resources¹

records.  The various Censi that have been taken are as frustrating as they are helpful in that they contain tantalizingly limited and sometimes contradictory family information.  N.B.  Very early records, prior to 1845, are available; assessment rolls were taken frequently in what was then known as "The Gore".  The microfilm, available from the National Archives, is reel #M7746.

Day, Frank. Here and There in Eramosa. Guelph: Leaman Printing Co., 1953.  The author mentions some of the Loghrins but has no detailed history of the family.  It is an interesting account of the early years in the township.

Hanna, LeRoy S. 178 Songbird Cres., Roseburg, OR   97470.  LeRoy, great grandson of Eliza Loghrin and James Hanna, sent many pictures and clarified the Hanna Family Chart compiled by him and William F. Wilson in 1996.  All the information is on file with Tom Loghrin.

Hill, Douglas A.  Gloucester, ON.  Douglas, Radcliffe Loghrin's stepson, was very helpful to our efforts.  First, as can be seen in this list of resources, he supplied several copies of information relevant to our research.  Second, he provided a well documented history of Radcliffe and Samuel Monteith Loghrin.  In an email to Tom Loghrin, July 14, 2004, Douglas stated, "I personally don't trace the Loghrins, but just offered to share what I acquired with other genealogists." Douglas has written a book, The Families of J. Beverley Fraser and Elizabeth How of Toronto, Canada; copies are available at the Metro Toronto Library and Library and Archives Canada.

Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario
.  Toronto: Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906.  A portion of the map of Eramosa Township showing Loghrin lands and of page 41 describing William Loghrin's family were provided by Douglas A. Hill.  The photocopy is on file with Tom Loghrin.

"Historical Tree", described by Douglas A. Hill as, "a handwritten list of the descendants of William Loghrin, written by an unknown person and passed down to Radcliffe Loghrin, my mother's second husband. Radcliffe is deceased and did not know the source of the list."  A copy of this document was sent to and is on file with Tom Loghrin.

Illustrated Atlas of the County of Perth
. Edited by Ross Cumming. Stratford: Cumming Publishers, 1982.  This atlas has many anecdotal family histories and a variety of town and township maps.

Illustrated Atlas of the County of Wellington
. Toronto: Walker & Miles, 1877 (Cumming reprint, 1972) .  A portion of  maps of Eramosa and Nichol Townships showing Loghrin lands were provided by Douglas A. Hill.  The photocopy is on file with Tom Loghrin.

Linderholm, Kathleen R. K. "Sunny" sent a Family Group Sheet for the family of Patrick McCullough and Mary Hamilton via email, Feb. 25, 2008.  It has useful, well documented information about James McCullough who married Ann Loghrin.

Loghrin, Thomas F.  If you wish to comment on or add to anything you read in this "Family History", you may contact Tom.  Email: ; Telephone: 807-475-4022;  Mail: 1144 Mountain Rd., Thunder Bay, ON, P7J 1C2.

Mansell, Leslie. Armstrong Family Descendant Chart - Version 2.1. Aug. 17, 1993.  This extensive list of the descendants of John and Betty Armstrong who were married in 1764 at Ancrum, Roxburghshire, Scotland has been very useful in tracking the marriages between Loghrins and Armstrongs.  It was given to me by Marjorie de Boer Loghrin; I have not yet been able to contact Leslie Mansell.

Memories of Downie
. Edited by Dean I. Robinson. 2 vols. Downie Township History Book Committee, 2002.  Lot histories in the township of Downie, Perth County, Ontario are the focus of this book and it is meticulously done.

Monteith, J. Ernest. MONTEITHS & Monteith Descendants: a compilation of memories, memorabilia and research. Pictures by Maurice Cline, Orangeville, ON.  Oshawa: Kingsway College Press, 1978.  Held in the Stratford-Perth Archives.  Douglas A. Hill forwarded a copy of the pertinent section, "Loghrins married to Monteiths", of this history. That photocopy is on file with Tom Loghrin.

Monteith web site. The Monteith's of Perth County (Stratford, Perth Co, ON, CAN). Online at  Site owned/maintained by M.L. Monteith.  This site has been very useful for verifying dates and names.

Quaile, Deborah. Eramosa Anecdotes. Ayton: Wordbird Press, 2007.  This book is informative, interesting and even entertaining.  There is very little mention of Loghrins.

Richardson Yesterday and Today
written by various descendants of settlers in the Richardson, Saskatchewan area and edited by Primrose Sloan, Lorna Bennett and Ken Etter was printed by the Richardson Historical Society in 1995.  The address of the Historical Society is Box 50, Richardson, Saskatchewan, S0G 4G0.  This book includes information about the descendants of Thomas and Annie Hanna who settled in the area in the early 1900s.

The History of Barrie Hill United Church and Community 1832-2007
. Written and edited by The 175th Anniversary History Committee: Owen Sound: Stan Brown Printers Ltd., 2007.  This is a comprehensive history of the church and selected families.

The Tweedsmuir History Project
completed by many Women's Institutes across the country and particularly in Wellington County have been useful in filling in some gaps in information.  The Wellington County Archives hold copies of the local Tweedsmuir Histories.  There is a wealth of information; however, it isn't always well documented.

Wagner, Karen L. Family Research in Welling ton County, Ontario, Canada. Wellington County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, 2002.  This book is well organized and very useful; it lists a multitude of resources and lists historical facts about Wellington County.

Wilson, William F. And Hanna, Leroy S. Hanna Family Chart.  This very useful chart traces descendants of Richard Hanna Sr. and his wife Jane through seven generations.  Harold Hanna, Richardson, Sask. shared this chart and there is now a copy on file with Tom Loghrin.

        ¹ Many individuals contributed to the information in this Loghrin Family History.  Those listed here provided a notably large amount of information and resources.
The Loghrin Family History
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