William Loghrin, considered to be generation I in this document, emigrated from Clontibret, County Monaghan, Ireland to Eramosa Township, Wellington County, Ontario in 1826.
        This record was begun by William J. Keith who wrote out a family history and gave it to Harry and Bess Loghrin at Christmas, 1968 with the admonition to, "Carry it on."  Jane Hurst (née Loghrin) and Tom Loghrin started the task of updating Will's work in 2004.  This website is part of that effort.
        If you have comments, questions or contributions for this project, please contact Tom Loghrin.  Also note that these pages have not been set up to print well from the screen.  If you want printed copy, please contact Tom.
                The house was located on Lot 25, Concession 2, Eramosa Township, County of Wellington very near Speedside P.O..  This property was settled by William and Agnes Loghrin in 1828 but the date of construction of the house is unknown.  The Illustrated Atlas of the County of Wellington, 1877 indicates that James Loghrin occupied this lot.  He was Thomas and Mary Loghrin's son and would have been 25 years of age at that time.  His uncle James was living across the road.  The 1906 Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario indicates that William Loghrin owned the land.  William sold the property in 1945.
        Jane Hurst, Bill McClanahan, Tom and Marg Loghrin visited the homestead in the spring of 2005 and discovered that the house, driveway and trees were gone.  The entire area was cultivated.

          WikiTree has some of the Loghrin generations on it;  advantages are that ancestor charts can be printed, security is provided for those who are alive and fellow genealogists can easily be involved.
The Loghrin Homestead in Aug., 1967.  Picture taken by Will Keith.  Will Keith's mother, Mary, was born in this house in 1848 and married in it in 1876. 
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