6.  Timeline for Samuel Loghrin and Donald Jeffrey culminating in their War Story.¹

        ¹ This account is largely based on a summary of information from the War Diary and the Service Records of each of the men;  the information was collected by Michael Jeffrey Loghrin, great great grandson of Alex Loghrin and Fannie Monteith.
        ² The Monteith website shows Don's birthdate as Feb. 7, 1893.
        ³ Was this the attack mentioned by Sam in the final paragraph of the letter to his mother on Jan. 18, 1916?
June 1 - Sam Loghrin was born the eldest son of Alex Loghrin and Fannie Monteith.
May 15 - Sam's father, Alex, died from injuries incurred when his horses ran away.
Feb. 8² - Don Jeffrey, Sam's half brother, was born the 3rd child of William Jeffrey and Fannie Monteith.
Sam graduated with 67 out of 70 points from a 3 month course at the London Infantry School.
He was "gazetted" as 1st Lieut. of Company 6 in the 28th Battalion, Stratford.
He had a reputation as a crack shot and was looked upon as a future member of the Bisley team.
Oct. 6 - Sam's wife, Jessie Scholz, died in childbirth.
Nov. 4 - Sam enlisted and immediately went to London, Ont. to assemble G (Stratford) Company, 18th Battn.
Apr. 29 - Sam arrived at West Sanding Camp, Shorncliffe, Kent, England with the 18th Battn.
May 7 - "...Loghrin... report to O.C. 17th Battn. for" Physical Training and Bayonet Fighting at Napier Barracks.
May 20 - Sam signed up; he had served 17 yrs. with the 28th Perth Infantry and 1 yr. with the 21st Essex.

July 16 - Don enlisted at Niagara as a Private in the 37th Battn. and transferred to the 17th Reserve Battn.
Sept. 1 - He transferred to the 18th Battalion;  Sam and Don were together from this point.
Sept. 14 - 18th Battn. embarked for France about 10:55 pm "struck by a friendly destroyer. No damage"
Sept. 15 & 16 - 18th Battn. on the move in France:  Boulogne,  train to Omer, march to Renescure
                (arr. 2:00 am), march to Eecke.
Sept. 17 - Inspected and addressed by Maj. Gen. Alderson.
Sept. 19 - Inspected by H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Connaught.
Sept. 21- 18th Battn. marched to Dranouter, Belgium via Bailleul.  "D Company sent to R.E. Farm as
            working party", East of Dranouter near Ypres.
Sept. 25 - Battn. mans Reserve Trenches at: Ridgewood, Viestraat, La Clyte,  Hallebast & R.E. Farm. 
            First time in trenches.
Oct. 17 - "Visited Ypres in the afternoon;  it was being shelled."
Nov. 14 - Don was appointed Lance Corporal in the field.
Dec. 19 - 18th Battn. "Ridgewood - A gas attack was attempted this morning on an Imperial (French) Division
         (49th)" The gas was not thick on our front but sufficient to make the eyes water."³
Feb. 13 - Sam was on a 9 day leave and returned Feb. 23rd.
Mar. 27 - 18th Battn. fought in the Battle of St. Eloi Craters; the first major battle for the 2nd Canadian Division.
Apr. 10 - Don received a Gun Shot Wound, left arm severe, during the Battle of St. Eloi Craters.
Apr. 15 - Don was admitted to No. 5 British Red Cross Hospital.
May 11 - Don was discharged from hospital and rejoined his unit on May 22nd.
May 26 - Sam was granted 9 days leave to Scotland and returned to his unit on May 31st.
June 2 - Sam was ill with influenza, pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO);  term usually applied to Trench Fever.
June 4 -  He was transferred to No. 12 Casualty Clearing Station (C.S.S.);  he rejoined his unit on June 12th.

June 22 - Don was promoted to Corporal in the field.
July 1- Sam was appointed Acting/Temporary Major whilst commanding a Company - order dated Oct. 10, 1916.
July 9 - Don made a will leaving everything to his parents.
Aug. 24 - 18th Battn.  "4th Canadian Brigade move as a whole"  March through France:  Steenvoorde, Cassel,
            Noordpeene, Millian?, Watten, Nordasques, Tournehem  Arr. Aug. 28th.
Aug. 30 - Issued with Lee Enfield rifles in place of Ross Mark III  (Underlined in diary!)
Sept. 4 - Train to Auxi-le-Chateau;  march to Cramont, Bonneville?, Herissart, Valindourt, Albert.  Arr. Sept. 9th.
Sept. 14 - Moved in fighting order from Brickfields.  Took up position on right of frontage allotted to 4th Canadian
             Infantry Brigade.  18th on the right, 20th centre, 21st left.
Sept. 15 -
"6:24 am Battalion attacked German front and second lines"
Sept. 15 - Samuel Loghrin and Donald Jeffrey killed in action on the first day of Battle of Flers-Courcelette.
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