Written at Fair Ground   Camp London, Nov. 8th, 1914
Dear Uncle,
        Just a few lines to let you know what has happened to your wayward nephew.  The Stratford Herald had so much in it that I deemed it wise to leave town on Friday night.
        This soldier business is all right in an armchair before the fire but the real thing is very hard work.  I will give you a sample day.  I reported for duty according to instructions at seven a.m. yesterday at Barracks.  (I) was instructed to take charge of the Stratford Company at the Fairgrounds.  I marched them to the divisional stores and drew clothing and full equipment with the exception of rifles for one hundred and sixteen men.
        Reported to the paymaster with a full roll of the company and got cheque for a small allowance, $750, just to give the men pocket money till the 1st of the month.  Had to go down town to the Bank of Montreal to cash this cheque before one o'clock.  Then paid 116 men who all have to sign the pay sheet.  After having a meal (I) attended a lecture by Col. Wyle² at the barracks³.  Got back to the Fair Grounds at eleven o'clock. Does that look like a day's work?
        At half past one went with Major Milligan to meet Stratford Band.  Attended Battalion Parade in the afternoon.  Dismissed at four thirty.  Nothing but soldiering (;) it is in the air, best style of revolver and a thousand other things.  The men are quartered in the buildings (;) each man has a spring cot, straw mattress, pillow slip and three government blankets.  The buildings are all lined with beaver board (and say they know more about putting it on than we did).  Three large furnaces in each building.
        There will be an excursion later on from Stratford by special train (;) come up then or some other time if you prefer and see the 18th Battalion on parade.
        We are all to be typhoid inoculated tomorrow.  Hope it does not make me sick.  We all have to have three treatments before we leave Canada.  Hope you are all in good health.
                                                Your nephew
                                                Capt. S. M. Loghrin G Company
                                                        18th Battalion, Fair Grounds, London, Ont.

        ¹ Nelson served two terms in the Ontario legislature, the second one as Minister of Agriculture from 1905 to 1908.
        ² This name is unclear in the longhand copy.
        ³ This word is also unclear in the longhand copy.
5. Letter from Samuel Monteith Loghrin to his uncle, Hon.¹ Samuel Nelson Monteith.

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