3.  Letter from Alexander Loghrin to his father-in-law, Samuel Monteith¹

April 10th, (18)77
        Dear Sir
        I have to apologize for not sending you word of Fannie's safe arrival sooner knowing that you would be a little anxious but I have been so busy & I expected Fannie to have done it herself.
        She got home quite safe about 8 o'clock & was greatly delighted with her visit.  She has got over her cold.  Sam is doing first rate - a boisterous, self willed & if he were any other person's I would say a spoiled child.  You would be surprised to see Fannie go in² do unexpectedly.
She only took the notion the day before the event.  I am afraid now that she realizes how easy it is to do she will be going up too often.  But (I) have resolved that you, if in good health, must visit Eramosa next summer about the 28th of May until the first week of June.
        We are going to do a little touch of building & will have masons & framers immediately after the turnips are sown & would like you to come along before the middle of June & bring with you any of the family that can come.  Would be glad to have Mrs. Monteith come with you.  Mrs. J. C.³ could stop with Jane.  If you wish it, Fannie can go back with you for a few days if you come before the 20th of June.  I could not promise after that as we always try to have our buildings finished before haying.  If we had this little job done, we have as good barns & stables as I know of (and) as good as I could wish for.  The framing will cost $50 besides a sheep house & hog pen which we can do ourselves & the mason work about $20.
Respects to all,   Alex Loghrin

        ¹ Sam married Annie Jane Nelson.
        ² Alex refers to trips to Stratford as "in" or "up"and trips to Eramosa as "down".
        ³ "Mrs. J. C."  was Fannie's older brother's wife, Elizabeth.
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