Appendix IX                        A Partial Descendant Chart and Photo Gallery for the Grant Family¹
Margaret Stewart was born in Strathdon Parish in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and came to Normanby Township, Grey County in 1854.  Shortly thereafter she married William Grant, a piper who had played for Queen Victoria at Balmoral Castle; he also came from Aberdeen.²  

"Grandfather Grant's Farmstead" near Varney in Normanby Township, Grey County, Ontario.

Bolded names in the chart are included in the picture collection.
1.1 William Grant b. ~ 1809 - d. ~1896, m. Margaret Stewart b. Mar. 12, 1829 - d. Apr. 1, 1916
        2.1 William Grant b. Sept. 22, 1856, m. Robena Watson³ b. Sept. 30, 1873
                3.1 Stewart Grant b. Oct. 3, 1898
                3.2 Gordon Grant b. Apr. 11, 1899
                3.3 Campbell Grant b. Jan., 1902
                3.4 Roy Grant b. July, 1905
                3.5 Elsie Grant b. Nov., 1907
                3.6 Florence Grant b. Feb., 1910
        2.2 Jane (Jennie) A. Grant b. ~1858 - d. 1944, m. Henry Coles d. 1916
                3.1 Fred S./G.? Coles b. Nov. 10. 1889        
                3.2 Margaret Louise Coles b. July 23, 1893 - d. 1975
                3.3 Alfred H. Coles b. June 28, 1895, m. Stella ________?
                        4.1 Harry Allan Coles
        2.3 John Stewart Grant b. 1860 - d. 1949
        2.4 Isabella Simpson Grant b. ~1862, m. Richard Hanna b. Feb. 29, 1868
                See the Loghrin Tree for descendants.
        2.5 Margaret Grant b. ~1866, m. Thomas H. Reid
                3.1 Carlyle Reid                
                        4.1 Grant Carlyle Reid b. May 1, 1927?
                        4.2 Leone Marion Reid b. Dec. 11, 1928?
        2.6 George Grant b. ~1870, m. Dorothy ________

        ¹ This partial tree has been compiled from information submitted by Leroy Hanna; in particular, obituaries for Margaret (Stewart) Grant, Jane (Grant) Coles and John Stewart Grant.  Various Canadian Censi were also useful but several assumptions have been made so it may not be completely reliable.
        ² Richard Hanna married Isabella Simpson Grant, daughter of William Grant and Margaret Stewart;  although the Grants are not part of the Loghrin lineage, perhaps it will provide a beginning for someone from that branch of the family.
        ³ William married Robena, daughter of Robert Watson and Dinah Gadd, Sept. 29, 1896 from Registrations of Marriages, 1869-1928, MS932, Reel 3 Archives of Ontario, Toronto; they farmed on the homestead in Normanby.