Appendix IV   Aerial Photograph of Lot 9, Con.8, Gore of Downie Township, 1945
This photo is held in the map library at the University of Western Ontario.  The notes are as I remember things when I was growing up in the 1940's and 50's.  (Tom Loghrin, 2006)
Jim and Gretta Thomson's
McLeod's "50"
Bill Baker's
Harry and Bess
Perce Lupton's
Arnold (Arne)
Ken and Mary Rae's
Art and Ella
Bill and Edna Schellenberger's
Watchorn's bush - a mysterious place!
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The white line is the route Dad's good friend, Jim Dempsey, took to move around the neighbourhood doing custom work with his McCormick-Deering 15-30.  I remember him ploughing, cultivating and circling wood.  He avoided traveling on the road with the steel wheeled tractor.

The Sawyer Massey tractor sat here beside the bush before it was scrapped; I remember playing on it while Mom and Dad seeded the back field.

S.S. #10 School where Mom taught before she married and where we attended before Downie Central was built in 1967.  Many community socials were held there too.

This little triangle between the waterway and Dempsey's bush was always called The Vee.  In the 1950's plums, currants and gooseberrys were all that was left of what had been a garden.  I never knew why the old garden was so far from the house.
The Waterway.  This narrow fenced corridor allowed Art Monteith's cattle access to the spring water opposite the Loghrin barn.  It no longer exists;  Dad made arrangements to have that strip returned to him in the 1980's.

The orchard with walnut, pear, and apple trees: Northern Spy, Peawalkie(sp.?), Transparent, etc.  Few, if any, remain.

The unusual property shapes are typical of the Gore.
The Loghrin Family Tree