Appendix III                        Historical Tree¹

The Loghrins came to Canada in 1826².
James Loghrin and his father William came first to America in 1826.  They purchased land near Speedside P.O. in Eramosa Township, Wellington Co., Ont.
William Loghrin lived in Clontibert, Monohan Co., Ireland.  He had a half brother named Robinson.  These two were married in Ireland to two sisters named Cooper.
William Loghrin had three sons and two daughters: James, Thomas & Alexander and Agnes and Martha.
James married Elizabeth Armstrong, daughter of William Armstrong in 18... .
They had five children: Agnes, Margaret, Lizzie Loghrin, Martha Loghrin and William who died in .... .
Agnes Loghrin married John Hobson.  They had one son & one daughter: Joseph and Margaret.  Joseph died.  Margaret married Abert? L. Jones.
Margaret Loghrin married William Bathgate.  They had six children: James, Elizabeth, Joseph, Margaret, William and Grace.

Thomas Loghrin married Mary Wilson.  They had three sons and five daughters: William, James & Alexander.  Eliza, Mary, Martha, Isabel and Agnes.
William married Sarah McAree.  There family consisted of four daughters and one son: Mary, Louise, Elizabeth, Maude and John.
James Loghrin married Matilda Armstrong.  Their family consisted of Martha, Annie, William and Jim.

Agnes Loghrin married a man named McCullough.  They had four sons and one daughter: Stewart, James, George and Alexander and Nancy.  Nancy married a man named Tolbert.

Martha Loghrin married Thomas Armstrong.  They are both dead and their only child died young.

Mary Wilson     Her father was married to a Miss Gibson.  Samuel Monteith's father was married to another sister, a Miss Gibson³.

        ¹This "Historical Tree", is described by Douglas A. Hill as, "a handwritten list of the descendants of William Loghrin, written by an unknown person and passed down to Radcliffe Loghrin, my mother's second husband.  Radcliffe is deceased and did not know the source of the list." The original document is on file with Douglas Hill.  It is reproduced here as close as possible to the format of the original.
Information from
indicates that Agnes and four of the children came over in 1828.

        ³Samuel Monteith's grandmother was Elizabeth Gibson.  Information from the Monteith tree, .
The Loghrin Family Tree