for descendants of Tom and Fannie Loghrin
Farm purchased by Thomas A. Loghrin, Nov. 1899 and now (2005) owned by his grandson, Donald N. Loghrin
Lot 9, Concession 8, Gore of Downie Township, Perth County
Sandquist Aerial Photography, Box 531, Trenton, ON, K8V 5R7
Photograph taken in the early Fall of 1989
This photograph was taken toward the north (more or less).  Stratford is about seven miles away in that direction.  The laneway is approximately the centre line of the 109 acre property.  There is less than 10 acres of hardwood bush on the northwest corner of the property (on the left at the end of the laneway in the picture).  Dad was proud of the bush: white ash, beech, hard and soft maple, etc..  A small creek meanders eastward from the barn area (it's the dark green line in the otherwise dry pasture).  I remember catching snapping turtles that had been eating Mom's goslings and ducklings.  That creek is fed by a very good spring that has provided the farm with water for many years.  As far as I know, the spring has never gone dry although there have been a couple of times when the overflow pipe was dry.  The small field east of the driveway, surrounded by trees, was the orchard with several varieties of apples, pears and even a couple of walnut trees.  The walnut trees survive but the others got old and gradually died off.
Unfortunately, the barn blew down in a vicious windstorm in April, 2004.  Don plans to rebuild a smaller version.  Photo is courtesy of Jane Hurst.
The Loghrin Family Tree
(Tom Loghrin, 2005)
This brick house was built in 1909¹ and the picture was taken in 1921.  See the excerpt from Tom's diary below.  This house replaced the original log house which was just in front of it.
        ¹Memories of Downie, ed. Dean I. Robinson (Downie Township History Book Committee, 2002) I, 486
This picture of the house was taken in the 1980's.