Scale:  The distance from Ballybay to Clontibret is about 12 km.
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James Hanna's youngest sister, Ann, was baptized in the Cahan's Presbyterian Church which is just over 4 km west of Ballybay, County Monaghan.
In the 1750s Thomas Clark, a secessionist evangelist, ministered the Cahan's Church and established preaching stations in the area.
Most of the Irish who settled in Eramosa Township from 1825 onward were Protestant Presbyterians.  Did they originally come from Scotland?  The Plantation*, war and famine caused much emigration to Ulster and other parts of Ireland from Scotland from 1550 to the late 1700s.  Had some of the families who married Loghrins after their arrival in Canada met in Ireland?

* The British Crown sponsored the "colonization" of Ireland by moving Scots and English there.
James McCullough was born in County Monaghan about 1805.  James married Ann Loghrin, daughter of William and Agnes Loghrin in 1833 in Eramosa.
William Loghrin was born in County Armaugh in 1773.  Several of his children were born in Clontibret, County Monaghan.  William came to Eramosa in 1826.
James Hanna's parents lived in Stranooden before they emigrated to Eramosa in 1847.  James worked for Tom Loghrin and married his daughter, Eliza in 1861.
Segment of the map of Ireland and Northern Ireland from Philips' Record Altlas, 1965.  Note that County Monaghan is in Ireland and County Armaugh is in Northern Ireland although both are in the historic Ulster Province.