These letters and papers pertain to the life and times of Samuel Monteith Loghrin, b. 1876.  They include: letters written by his father,  letters from Sam and his war records.
This is a collection of photographs of the farm and farm buildings in the Gore of Downie Township.  The farm was purchased in 1899 by Thomas Alexander Loghrin and is now (2005) owned by his grandson Donald Nelson Loghrin
This copy of an "Historical Tree" is described by Douglas A. Hill as, "a handwritten list of the descendants of William Loghrin, written by an unknown person and passed down to Radcliffe Loghrin."
This annotated aerial photograph was taken in 1945 of the neighbourhood at the Loghrin farm in Downie Township.
This is an outline of the development of the two neighbourhood churches in the northwest corner of Eramosa Township.
Selected lot histories relevant to the Loghrin family have been assembled for the Speedside and Barrie Hill area for the period ending in 1906.
This is a description of the early history of the Speedside school;  a picture is included.
Descendants of William and Agnes Loghrin
Assessment rolls and census information were collected sporadically in the early 1800s.  The collated information provides an insight into farm operations as they existed at that time.
This compilation of material is about descendants of William Grant and Margaret Stewart.  Their daughter, Isabella, married Richard Hanna;  LeRoy Hanna sent pictures and information.
This letter was written by Fravilla (Robinson) Loghrin to her niece, Laura (Aitken) Salkeld in 1939.
This annotated map shows where the Loghrins and a few other settlers in Eramosa came from in Ireland.