Six horse driving demonstration                                          Kingman, Alberta
Will your horse ...
cross this mud hole?
take you under the clothesline?
jump the log?
keep the rider relaxed and smiling?
rescue Bob, the dummy, from under the canoe?
carry you through the "tent"?
help you put Bob into the front seat of the wagon?
The whole event was a lot of fun;  there were several more obstacles which are not shown in the pictures.  We left disappointed because we couldn't afford the horse we wanted. We will go again to visit all the friendly people and watch well trained horses do the course!
I thought this dog was big enough for a saddle!
entertain Marg (on the left) and other spectators?
please the judge?
We found time to visit Marg's Auntie Alice in Calgary on our way to the sale.
On the way home we stopped at Lonesum D Ranch near Grunthal, Manitoba, met the Dyck family and made a deal to bring Skip to Country home.  That's Jess Dyck with Skip.  He's a great horse and is fitting in well at Rocky Meadows.  Visit the Lonesum D web site to see what they offer.