Alert Sax, 2000
Snowy Sax /09
Comanche, Joe, Skip (behind)  /97
Cisco' arrival, 2000
Herd of five /98
One of Cisco's first rides, 2000
Skip wanted Marg's apple /95
Beloeil, Saxso arrival /98
Happy Skip surrounded at the Pow Wow /92
Spence, Tom on Beloeil biggest tree!  S. Dakota
Joe & Sax at T. Bay Farmers' Co-op, Beloeil
J learning patience /08
J checking the woodpile /09
Cheyenne National Grasslands, Tom on Spence /06
Casey & Beloeil thirsty in N. Dakota
Boys soaking up spring sunshine in the paddock /09
Joe & Skip at Sunshine Lumber
Constipated Casey!?
(Moose buns!)
Marg on Spence at Jarvis Lookout  Note 4 lazy R brand
Buffalo & Spence, S. Dakota  /06  They paid no attention to each other!
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