Marg's first horse was Comanche, an Arab who was born at Bob Barrie's, but Marg purchased him from Cindy Stein in 1981.  He was a tough little horse and, although he did have ideas of his own occasionally, did most everything he was asked.  Watch Joe Dust came here a year later from Lynn and Fred Boulter's;  he earned a reputation of being a "do anything" horse almost from the beginning.  It wasn't long before they became driving horses and we enjoyed sleighing and cart riding.  We began our long distance travelling with them in 1984 and, after a trip to Alberta in 1987, we purchased Skipper Sail from Leslie Andrychuk.  Skip was an energetic fellow, a real treat to take up the mountain after a long day at work.  Soon he and Joe became a team and hauled the buggy and sleighs and, once in a while, Joe actually kept up to Skip;  most of the time I had to hold Skip back to keep the team even up!  Skip loved people and liked nothing better than to be surrounded by a group.
By the mid-1990s, Comanche was beginning to show his age so in the fall of 1998 we went west looking for a replacement.  We came home with two horses because the Denis family in St. Denis, Saskatchewan sold us a team:  Beloeil and Saxso.  The horses were unilingual francophones but soon learned English!  For a short time in the Fall of 1998 the herd included five horses;  however, buying the two westerners turned out to be a very good decision because Comanche and Skip, for health reasons, had to be put down shortly after.  Beloeil continued to be a very solid performer;  Saxso was unpredictable under saddle but he was a good driver and a superb pack horse.  Saxso died in 2010 and Beloeil in the late summer of 2011.  
After our trip to Tennessee in 2000, Joe went into semi-retirement and was sold to Sue Morriseau;  he still lived here so Marg borrowed him now and then.  To replace Joe we purchased Cisco from Bonnie Lang but, unfortunately,  he was injured the following year and had to be put down in 2001.  Paychecks Expense, Spence, came to us from Bill Bascello in 2001.  He was a good horse but he didn't stand up to the mountain riding and had to be sold. 
In July, 2006 Casey, our best trained horse to that point, came to us from Kathy Lundy and has become a dependable driving horse too.  SJ Babes Big Extra came to Rocky Meadows from Shannon Stein just before Christmas 2008.  J, a very personable guy, is a good riding horse who dislikes our big hills!  He has learned that he has to climb them, like it or not!  He has also learned to haul the sleighs and is a good harness mate to Skip.
to Country, came to us from the Dyck family at Lonesum D ranch in Grunthal, Manitoba in the fall of 2011.  Jess Dyck gave him a fantastic foundation;  although he is sometimes a big chicken, he has become a great mountain and driving horse.
In the Fall of 2018, Casey went into semi-retirement as a lesson horse at The Dell with Like and Leila Farmer.  Name Me Dutch came from Rick Wiebe's ranch near Outlook, Saskatchewan to replace him.  Dutch cut his leg shortly after he arrived.  He has recovered but we don't yet know him very well.
In general, our horses have been good to us and getting to know each of the personalities continues to be interesting.
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