Trip preparations are becoming routine for us after so many times on the road with the horses.  This trip had a couple of extra twists.  We created one of those "twists"!
A short day's drive from home got us to Glen Wright's Dancing Sky Ranch in Loman, Minnesota just west of International Falls.
On the North Country Scenic Trail in the Sheyenne National Grasslands we were pleasantly surprised to be riding in savannah with copses of oak trees, not just flat grasslands.
Little Missouri State Park near Killdeer, North Dakota is an area with spectacular badlands and breathtaking views from many of the trails.
Doug Tescher's Bar X Ranch just a couple of kilometers south of Medora featured wild turkeys in camp and an opportunity to watch golfers on the Bully Pulpit course along another stretch of the Little Missouri River.
From the French Creek Horse Camp in Custer State Park we rode among buffalo, pronghorn and wild donkeys.
At Elk Haven Horse Camp, just outside the northern boundary of Custer State Park, Marg had a holiday;  we ate tasty breakfasts and buffalo burgers in their restaurant!
The Badlands National Park, south of Wall, South Dakota, was very dry countryside.  We were a little concerned about buffalo wandering through the campsite but we had no trouble.
Newton Hills in South Dakota had beautiful fall colours and hordes of gnats that didn't bother the horses much but nearly drove Marg crazy.
The Bunkhouse near Houston, Minnesota featured a paddock where the boys were able to be horses again;  they made the most of it: bucking, kicking and running!
Sept. 7 to Oct. 5, 2006
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Dancing Sky Ranch
Sheyenne National Grasslands
Little Missouri State Park
The BarX Ranch
French Creek
Preparations for the trip
Elk Haven
Badlands National Park
Newton Hills
The Bunkhouse
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Preparations for the trip
French Creek to Elk Haven
The leisurely move from French Creek to Elk Haven on Sept. 25th began as a good day and ended as a great day!