Marg and I had talked about putting up a new garage for several years. The old one is small, uninsulated, has rotting sill plates and is full of horse vehicles. The new one (insulated and heated) will be very useful and convenient. How often the car gets parked in there remains to be seen. I have many projects on the list!

The forms are up and the rebar in place. Barry Catton, in his role as chief advisor and supervisor, got the job off to a fine start by lending us his custom made bull float.

Then the crew arrived and a fine bunch they were: (from your left to right) the truck driver, Tom (hidden by the chute), Alec Muller, Don Novasat, Ray Siciliano, and Jim Olson (trying to leave the scene)



Barry was around to help and inspect frequently and was surprised that the end of the wall was plumb! Tom was surprised too; he just didn't say anything!


Somewhat later Jim was still trying to leave. Don tried out that fine bull float. Pete Morrisseau had arrived and Tom was still camera shy! The floor is quite satisfactory in spite of a couple of showers and even a snow flurry as we worked.

3. Push the trusses into position and then spike them down!

Placing the trusses was as easy as 1, 2, 3 - with the help of Big Red !

1. Put the bale tines on and follow Barry's suggestion to clamp two trusses together ... (for you sharp eyed inspector types: The triple truss closest to the tractor was assembled delibrately to provide support for lifting heavy objects.)

2. Lift the two trusses up (Careful now, don't rip the eavestrough off the house!) to sit on the plates ...

Finally, after what seemed a very long time, the ladders were finished and the metal started going on. That's when progress was really visible!

The result is a very useful building - more often a shop than a garage!
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